Pathology Department:

Following tests are being performed with ultramodern automatic and semi-automatic machines:-

  • Thyroid Panel, Hepatitis Marker, Cancer and Tumour Marker, Prostate Marker, Infertility Panel,Arthritis Panel, AIDS and other Immunological Tests
  • Automatic Blood Culture Test: Identification and antibiotic sensitivity test by Bactec - Phoenix machine
  • Haematological Test : CBC, TC, DC, HB, Platelets Count, Absolute Eosinophils Count, Raticulocyte Count, Bleeding test, Clotting test (BTCT), ESR, Parasite test, Hematocrit value, PT, APTT, Mg, Phosphorus
  • Biochemistry Test: Blood sugar, Renal function test, Liver function, Amylase lipid profile,Prothrombin time with INR, Uric Acid, Electrolyte (Na, K, Ca), Glycosulated haemoglobin, CRP
  • Immunological Test: ABO, Grouping, Rh typing, Coomb’s test, H. I. V. HbsAg, HCV, VDRL, ASO, RF, ANA, rk39, Pregnancy Detection, Widal test, Entrocheck (Typhoid Rapid), Prop  T & I, ANA, Dengue, MP Rapid, Japanese Encephalitis (JE), Chickenguniya fever, ADA
  • Urinalysis – Urine Routine and Culture Sensitivity
  • Parasitology – Stool Routine and Culture Sensitivity
  • Cytology – Pap smear
  • Hormonal – FT3, FT4, TSH, Prolactin, Elisa tuberculosis IgG, IgM, IgA
  • Miscellaneous – Sputum c/s, Semen c/s, Semen analysis, Skin for fungus & laprae test